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RATING- 1/10


OK so I'm going to put this WARNING out there to everyone if your a ALPHA OUTPOST FAN leave now cause I'm about to ruin your day with all that I have to say about this subscription box.

I absolutely hate this subscription box service below i will list reasons and explanations.

1. HORRIBLE QUALITY- First off quality of the items you get is terrible. When I mean terrible I mean below oriental trading company level of chinese sub par knock offs on most of the stuff you get sometimes you might get something that may be good but 99% its crap.

2. KINGS OF RANDOM- Usually when you have a website showing a guy hiking through the forest with a back pack you get the image back packing,camping and with the brand of Alpha Outpost you think millitiary and tactical........ you would think? Not with these guys, one month its a kit dedicated to beard grooming, next its a kit dedicated to drinking beer, next its a kit dedicated to grilling out. Now I'll admit couple of the kits were decent but not worth the money of the box when taking the chinese knock offs into consideration.

3. 99% TOO MUCH BRANDING- Damn near everything you get will say ALPHA OUTPOST on it somewhere. I know advertising is important aspect in this world......but who are you advertising too? We already bought the damn box! If you want people to advertise for you open up a separate shop on your web site and sell swag gear at a discounted price because lets face it chances are if its got your logo on it its probably a sub par chinese knock off item and is not worth the going rate of the real one.

4. 3 pre selected Boxes- Before you can even start receiving there monthly subscription box you must go through 3 pre selected boxes then you start there monthly theme. First is E.D.C, second gentleman box, third a medic box. I understand the need to have a box for new sign ups so you can adjust for inventory levels to be able full fill subs.....but three. This seems a little over kill and after three boxes to only be disappointed in the fourth is a real kick in the pants.

Final thoughts,

I know it seems I being pretty harsh with ALPHA OUTPOST and honestly I'm not trying to be. I know Alpha is veteran owned and operated and for that I give my honesty in hopes they do improve and get better. The one area I will give them a plus on is the price of the box, $40.00 a month. My best advice would be look at the other leading competitors in the industry and look at the standards they have set in the market. Branding is ok just not too much. Knock offs are ok just not too much and need to be balanced with name brand items also. And always remember women like these type of boxes too not just gentleman.

​SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALPHA OUTPOST, If ALPHA OUTPOST ever feels they have corrected these issues and would like me to review there box again and update this review PLEASE feel free to contact me 


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