RATING- 9/10

UPDATE- 2/25/2019 Redemption year is in full swing! we are looking back at those box's we left and will be re evaluating them.... subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow the journey....Have they changed?

When it comes to Battlbox I have a love hate relationship. One I first became a subscriber I absolutely loved there box's. selection of gear was outstanding and the value was there. Then something strange happened with them internally and the box's just went to poop! Very odd monthly theme's and gear selection. They really got away from there standards in which I fell in love with. The video below was my final straw on there box's at that time.But I do still keep up to date with them because I did have hope they may go back to there roots.....and I think they did!

Battlbox may have a come back on my channel if they keep up to the same standards and themes.If it wasnt for there past couple months box this box's rating wou;ld only have been a 5.... theres hope insight for them to be back at a 10  rating!

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Battlbox logo

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