These are some of the best places I have found to purchase gear. But its important to keep in mind Because I'm saying there the best doesn't mean the cheapest. To get a good long lasting quality made item sometimes you have to pay more......just a fact in life today. Reasons I have listed these companies could be due to the quality of there products, great prices they offer or deals or even the level of service they offer the buyer. I have used these services for years and highly suggest you check them out.​ 

Best Places To Buy Gear


OneTigris Logo

 This company has been around for a few years and I truly have fallen in love with them. Great prices on there gear, great warranty and customer satisfaction are just a few reasons I rank them with 5 stars. This company also strives to perfect their gear and to listen to the consumers. If you haven't checked there gear out, I strongly urge you to do so!  

Self Reliance Outfitters

self reliance outfitters logo

 This is the store Dave Canterbury and his family own and run.If you don't know who Dave is just look him up on YouTube and you'll find 1000's of videos on self reliance, survival in the woods and bushcrafting. Dave's products are tried and tested before they ever make it to the shelf in  his store. Customer service, and quality of the gear and items they promote and sell are by far some of the best out there on the market. 


Optics Planet logo

 This is one store that's always one of the first I check if I'm looking for a specific item. This is were I bought my new Eberlestock Back pack from on sale and saved over $100 compared to everyone else out there. They have a large selection of gear categories from shooting to camping and survival and so on. If you have never checked these guys out...go now!!!   

Cheaper Than Dirt

Cheaper Than Dirt Logo

 Great place to find great deals on ammo and tactical stuffalways worth checking out whats on sale here. And a lot of times good place to find replacement parts for your guns or other shooter related items. 

My Patriot

My Patriot Supply Logo

 My Patriot Supply sells some of the best long term storage solutions in food and heirloom seeds. Also many choices of products can be food here also....def one site worth checking out. 

Tactical shit .com


 Tactical shit .com sells some of the most unique items and name brand gear out there. There novelty selection and foul language choices of the product names leaves me to warn they are  a pg-13 website. There prices and and gear are very respectable.