HAving A plan can avoid A Disaster!

Tier System Of Home Prepps


Having a detailed plan for your family can be a difficult task but following our system and customizing it to your family's needs can make life easier. 

There are tons of Youtube channels and pages dedicated to the topic of bugging out and survival. But there are not to many that cover the family aspect of a family bug out plan. And if they do there shotty at best. There's a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when coming up with a family bug out plan.  If you have small children in your family then the decision for a full scale evacuation becomes a huge decision. No matter what the cause whether it be natural or man made disaster, nuclear or biological or civil unrest, taking your family from the safety and comfort of your home into the wild unknown is a big step and should be planned in advance in detail.


One ways to plan is the tier system plan. The tier system plan consist of having levels of survival or layers.

LEVEL ONE (short term plan)

Tier 0ne, the lowest level consisting of home preps. Such as Alternative ways to heat, clean water, store water and storing food and protection and providing back up sources of electric. 

LEVEL TWO (extended short term plan)

Tier two, the next level up. Consisting of first evacuation of the home. But using a main source for travel (vehicle). Having a vehicle permits you to haul and use standard car camping equipment. Heaters, larger size tents, large amounts of food and water extra fuel. Having transportation also allows you to increase your defensive gear capabilities, body armor, larger caliber rifles and shotguns with plenty of ammo.

LEVEL THREE (longer term plan)

Tier three is were we start getting into longer term plan. This is were things have gotten to a critical state. Conventional transport has been disabled due to a natural or man made threat (EMP or Solar Flare for example). Having a back up source of transport is huge but at the same time is limited to what your environment can provide. If living in an area with lots of rivers and streams then I would choose a canoe or boat. If living in a desert or city then a  bicycle. No matter what the secondary transport you would choose would be you want it to be a alternative source to your primary means of transportation. If one fails then you have plan B, human powered is always a good fall back but will start to restrain you on your limits of supplies and gear. Your not going to haul as much provisions and gear on a bike or back pack as would in the back of a SUV or truck. The last thing you would want is your two sources of transportation to be reliant on the same means of power. Jumping straight from level two to level Four would never be recommended. 

LEVEL FOUR (long term plan)

Tier four is were your planning on life to never be the same or the just in case it will never be the same. This is the code red scenario and life has just become an episode of Alone with your family as the stars. Tier four consist of what you can carry on your back and  on foot and to be able to start a new life or a long term hold in a pre planned bug out location. Some call these bags I.N.C.H Bags, I'm Never Coming Home bags. This is were the gear and tooling you choose can mean life or death for your family. This is also were different schools of thought can be blended to insure a more comfortable new life. Survival meets bushcraft meets pioneering meets homesteading.

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" On numerous accounts me and my family have gone weeks with out running water and electric due to natural storm system in the winter and summer months these home preps helped our family through the rough times."

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