OneTigris Wild Voyager Non Padded Shooting Mat

Sometimes you come across a product you just fall in love with as did I with this shooting mat! OneTigris was kind enough to choose me to test and review this product and I'm really glad they did. This mat is constructed with 1000d nylon and has a PU coating on the bottom side giving it full waterproofing. Keep in mind though the 1000d is only in the coyote brown model. The multicam version is 500d. The mat has six gromet spots for staking it down on those windy days and to help in general keep it in place.​

Size of this mat when unrolled is 80"x30". Which gives you plenty of room for various shooting positions. I'm no little guy, but I had no issues staying on the mat.​

TIP- Now this wasn't intended for this use but I've come to find this mat makes for an exceptional addition to a ground cover for your bed roll. The heavy duty material and water resistant capabilities make it wonderful for protecting a sleeping pad on the ground or bed roll for those sleeping under the stars roughing it nights. At 2.6 lbs it's lighter and more compact and stronger than most tarps out there today.

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6 stake points to secure down


These stake points come in handy on those windy days or if your constantly getting up and down, helps keep from shifting around on you.

Molle webbing for securing additional shooting gear


Keep your shooting gear close at hand! The Molle makes it nice to keep your range tools secure and handy!

Plenty of room what it's intended for


This shooting mat has just enough room to keep you dry and your shooting gear dry.



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