Prepper Gear Box

RATING- 1/10


When I first subscribed to Prepper Gear Box I was really curious. First off the box was monthly and only cost $20.00 without shipping and from the pictures of past boxes some nice name brand gear. The welcome box came and yeah most definitely was name brand gear and yes the cost of the box  was less than the actual items in the box. As more boxes kept coming I was happy with the items in the boxes, now i need to remind you only get a couple items and there are no higher level tiers to choose from just longer term subscription plans that get you a better monthly discount.

But then sometime I think in August of 2016 I got an e-mail informing there subscribers they were ending there services due to family issues. Wow sorry to hear that bust most times you close up shop after all subscriptions are filled and don't accept new subscriptions in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong but If it was me that's how I would have handled the situation. When you offer a 1 year subscription at a discount your telling the consumer you have plans and inventory for the next year...right?This subscription option was offered up until the exact day the e-mail was sent out.

‚ÄčThen a month later another E-mail shows up we found a new partner and we will be moving forward with our services. Then not long after that e-mail another e-mail stating they have partnered with ALPHA OUTPOST and ALPHA OUTPOST would be filling there subscription boxes.


When you offer a 1 year subscription your telling us your gonna be around for at least that 1 year you signed on AND you have the planned boxes for every month and inventory already. Why is Alpha outpost filling your subscriptions? Did ALPHA OUTPOST buy your Company and brand? Whats going on here? IS ALPHA OUTPOST double dipping in the subscription box market and selling under a different brand also now? You might be asking yourself why this matters so much? Why do I care? Well lets just say I cancelled my subscription Prepper Gear Box and will never return and solely for the reason of Alpha Outpost running the show now. 

Prepper Gear Box Logo

Prepper Gear Box Logo