Spec Ops Global

RATING- 10/10 (discontinued!)


This Box Is a really neat idea, You get a monthly box with items that armed forces from all around the world are using or have been issued. And they do have a unique tier system starting from $20.00 to $150.00 for the elite. A lot of good name brand items can be included in your box and the savings are definitely there. You really don't get any gimmick items like most boxes like to include unless you consider candy or chocolate with caffeine as gimmick. I honestly dont have a lot of bad to say about this box. It is exactly what they say it is, gear from around the world.  ​

I will say this about Spec Ops Global, there customer service is outstanding! I know If I ever have a question or problem All I have to do is contact them at S.O.G! When it comes to sub box's a really great customer service is half the battle! 


This box no longer exist! This box was created and manged and packed by the owner and his family, by his choice he closed down to pursue other ventures.


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