RATING- 10/10 (2-25-2019)


I'd be lying if I said I didn't like Tac Pack. With Tac Pack you get some  name brand items at a discount. Every box I have gotten I have really liked the items in them with a couple exceptions. For the price of $50.00 a month you get some really neat gear or items. With every box there's going to be hit miss months with what you like no matter what or who they are. Lately they have been very big into AR=15 parts and accessories, if your an AR guy your gonna love them! Any real complaints I do have about them have nothing really to do with the box contents or price at all.

The area that needs to be improved deals with there web site. I know sounds trivial, but when it comes to account management with subscription boxes its an important thing to consider. If your a multiple box subscriber like I am you must have the ability to easily manage your accounts. Skipping months is a big deal, lets face it when money is tight subscription boxes are a last priority in my family. Most of the Box companies do have this option, Tac Pack does not. Also another area that could be improved would be there cancellation process. You must E-mail them asking to cancel not a big deal but normally takes 24 hours to get a response of confirmation. And lastly one thing to keep in mind I f you plan on trying one there boxes I warn you now by the time you get your box in the mail you will be charged for the next months box. Tac Pack is located and shipped out of Ohio an actually only a couple hours away from me. So I believe I probably get the box faster than most customers out there, but not fast enough for me to get the box like it or hate it and cancel before I automatically get charged for the next month. So like I said small and trivial stuff and I'm sure eventually Tac Pack will work the bugs out in the end.  

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